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Just for bloggers who want to gain real-organic bloglovin followers, I have good news for you.

For a whole month, We will keep an eye on your blog. Every time you post an article РWhen the article appears on bloglovin, We will boost it to the front page of bloglovin. How can that be possible? If you read on our homepage, We can manage this by sending bloglovin loves/bloglovin saves to each bloglovin post.

As a reminder: If your bloglovin post gets a decent amount of engagements, Your post will appear on:

  • Your blog category page. ¬†For example: If your blog category is about “Fashion” then it will appear here:¬†https://www.bloglovin.com/fashion-articles¬†and popular articles:¬†https://www.bloglovin.com/popular
  • A chance appear on tags page¬†https://www.bloglovin.com/tags/fashion/top (for fashion blogs)
  • And an opportunity to be picked up by bloglovin editor and appear on¬†the bloglovin sidebar as “Featured Posts
  • And the most significant¬†advantage is, You will get real visitors coming to your blog from bloglovin, and they will likely follow you on bloglovin if your content interests them.

How does it work?

There are 30 days in a month. We don’t work on Sunday, so there are approximately 26 days in a whole month. Every Monday-Saturday we will check your bloglovin account. We will pick just One¬†post/day then send bloglovin loves/saves to it in an approximately total of 100 (loves+saves) which are enough to boost your post.

So what is the price for this monitoring service?

$300/month? NO!   $200/month? NO!

Subscribe to us for only $99/Month

WAIT!!  Before you decide, Take a look at the advantages:

Our fixed pricing per 100 bloglovin loves/saves is $15.

Let’s assume that you write 1¬†blog post every day in a whole month (26 days – 26 posts)
You’ll get 100 bloglovin saves+loves to each post.
26 posts X $15 = $390 worth service – You only need to spend $99

Let’s assume that you only write 1 blog post every two days (13 posts)
13 posts X $15 = $195 worth service – You only need to spend $99

I can guarantee that this is a better way to advertise your blog directly to bloglovin users. Although you can do the same thing with Google Adwords/Facebook Ads/Sponsored Posts, it is, of course, will make you spend more than $99/month.

We will keep an eye on your blog, You only need focusing on how to create good content, and just wait for more visitors to your blog and more followers to your bloglovin account. However, to get organic followers needs an interesting content, Based on our experience, Most people on bloglovin are most interested in topics such as Fashion, Beauty, Health, and Food.

P.S. There are only 10 seats available, We will close this exclusive offer once¬†the seat is full. We definitely can’t accept many orders, just because this is really an exclusive offer. (7 seats are already taken – 05.31.2017)

Try us, Click here to subscribe.  (You can cancel anytime)